The Story Factory started in November 2000, the founders had borrowed a complete set of audio Bible stories stories so that they could listen to them on their trip around Australia. The couple and their children enjoyed them so much that they decided to get a set for themselves. Unfortunately the stories were no longer available in Australia so they contacted Your Story Hour . A licensee agreement was set up to reproduce these fantastic stories onto CD for Australia. Their hope is that many other children can enjoy them and gain positive values from these Bible, history and character building stories.

In 2005, The Story Factory teamed with Amazing Facts to distribute the Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD. This began their affiliation with them and they began distributing for Amazing Facts in Australia. As customers found out more about The Story Factory, other suppliers were added, such as 3ABN, Empowered Living Ministries, Remnant Publications and many other smaller ministries.

In 2007, they purchased a Coach to do more work On The Road, spending 7 weeks on the east coast in Sept-Oct 2007. Then in 2008 they spent 3 months travelling as far North as Bundaberg in QLD to Albury in the south before heading back west to Perth. (Click Here to view photo's)

The Story Factory is operated from Perth, Western Australia and is self supporting. They are committed to providing Christian books, audio and DVD's to draw you closer to God.

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