Check out these fantastic series of 125 stories taken straight  from the Bible on 60 CD's . See the following list and the chapters that they are from.

       Bible Comes Alive        

        Album 1                      Download PDF(189kb)

Album 2                      Download PDF(184kb)

Album 3                      Download PDF(175kb)

Album 4                            Download PDF(176kb)

Album 5                            Download PDF(173kb)


Also smaller albums available which are derived from this series: 



        Life of Jesus


             “David” Series also taken from “Bible Comes Alive” Series.  This will be  
          available  soon also.

         People of Calibre

        Album 6



        Patterns of Destiny     Download PDF

        Album 7




       Adventures in Life      Download PDF

        Album 8 

        Album 9

        Album 10

        Album 11



       Acts of the Apostles    Download PDF

         Acts of the Apostles





     Great Exciting Stories    Download PDF

      Great Exciting Stories








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